Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Maynards - Family Portrait

Meet Samantha. We met when we were two years old and instantly she became the only kid that I ever wanted to play with. Still to this day not much has changed in that department. ha
We had a plan when we were young that we would grow up to marry Brad Pitt look-alike-twin brothers and live together in a mansion decorated in all black and white. We would drive a Corvette and a Ferrari.

Fortunately that plan did not work out...I think what we've got is better!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

(Almost) Finished Kitchen

Although I would have preferred to have "staged" the kitchen for photos, I decided to take advantage of the very RARE opportunity that both of the girls were napping to snap some pictures of the kitchen and even though I don't feel like these photos really do it justice, I just feel like it would be wrong not to share them with you! Some disclaimers...our budget did not allow for new floors (we would like to eventually do a wood color similar to the butcher block counter on our hutch which I think will really pull everything together) and I still have some decorating to do. For example, I really need to find some sort of decoration for above the window. And lastly, still not sure whether or not to paint the walls or leave them, but for right now we are leaving them.

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in...

 And here she is now!

 The left wall was empty and we had a large kitchen island there at first and then put two craigslist hutches there. We purchased unfinished cabinets for the bottom and open shelves with a plate wrack for the top. We bought the butcher block counter top at ikea and put up some wainscotting for a backsplash. The corbels really pull the whole piece together. I love being able to have all of the extra storage, but also wanted this side to give the appearance of a hutch rather than just more cabinets.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Claudia!

It has been a little hectic here lately (everyone has been sick and we've been preparing for Claudia's party this weekend...praying for good weather!!) But I wanted to wish my beautiful amazing lovely little Claudia a Happy First Birthday YESTERDAY!!!!!!! I literally can't believe it was a year ago I was terrified and nervously waiting ALL DAY at the hospital for the O.R. to open up (July 5th was apparently a busy day for c-sections as I was scheduled for noon and couldn't go in until 6 p.m.) The worst was that I hadn't been able to eat or drink since the night before. But of course, it was all worth it and I am madly in love with my little angel. We had a little bit of red velvet cake for the girls and Shaun and I yesterday and I have some adorable messy cake face pictures, but haven't had the time to edit them yet...sorry. So for now here are some pictures from a year ago. It's funny because I can still feel the exact emotion I was experiencing when I look back at each of these pictures. Terrified on the way to the hospital...sad to leave Maddie for the first time...NOT in the mood to have my picture taken! the waiting room for hours.

And finally sweet relief and pure bliss with my little baby!!!

And here she is a year time flies.