Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch

What I would love to do for Mother's Day this year or any year in the future would be to have a little garden party with my mom and my girls and the rest of my family.

 image via Pinterst

As far the menu goes...I have been in the mood for fancy brunch food lately! And by lately I actually mean I have always been a bit obsessed with breakfast food. (I won't even tell you what my daily breakfast consisted of in college...considering it was an all you can eat buffet.) My mom makes the BEST french toast ever...maybe I will share the recipe here with you! ( involves one of my favorites, Egg Nog!)

 Martha Stewart party plus breakfast food...yeah that would be a great Mother's Day.


  1. A Mother's Day brunch sounds like a wonderful idea...and an outdoor one sounds even lovelier.

  2. Happy to find your beautiful blog! Hope you'll visit me too.