Sunday, March 3, 2013

High Chair Rail

Many of you already know that I have had many struggles with my family room since we've moved in three years ago. It is awkward and small and I have had trouble making it feel like an actual family room, rather than just a space with couches and a TV in it. After Christmas I couldn't take it any more and decided to move some furniture around and asked Shaun to put up some high chair rail on the walls. It is still not my dream room, but I must admit it is actually feeling kind of cozy and I don't totally hate it anymore!!!!!!!! I wish I had a good before picture but I don't ( I really need to get better at that.)

I'm still deciding if I want to put anything else up on the walls or possibly display some pictures resting on top of the chair rail. Any suggestions?

I am working on another furniture project that I will hopefully be able to share with you soon. Also, I  realized today that I only have ONE Easter decoration so I'd better get going on that soon....

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