Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conspiracy Painting

Sorry I have not been around as much on the blog lately. Maddie has stopped taking her afternoon nap, both of the girls have not been sleeping through the night, AND  they are both getting up at the crack of dawn. SO. that does not leave me too much quiet creative time. Please bear with me. I promise we are starting the kitchen soon and I will hopefully have some fun posts of that project for you.

On another note, say hello to the newest addition to Maddie's big girl room.
I always see the prettiest things when I am not looking for them. For example I went to T.J. Maxx last week looking for spring clothes and a tablecloth and instead came home with this guy.
Because I was not looking for a beautiful canvas for Maddie's room, I picked it up...studied it....decided I loved it and the price was right but because I'm weird I decided to put it down, take a lap around the store and figure out if I still loved it in five minutes. Am I the only one who does this? 
But JUST as I set it down a woman came behind me and swooped it up! Can you believe it? She started studying it much the same way I was doing... so of course this made me realize that I HAD TO HAVE IT! Just as I was about to give up my awkward staring at her and leave the store without it she put it down. Wasting no time I made my way back to the picture and brought it home with me. 
On the ride home it occurred to me....what if this mystery woman was hired by T.J. Maxx to MAKE ME JEALOUS ENOUGH to buy their painting!!!!! I mean, would I have realized how much I loved it IF she had not waited for me to put and down and then pretend to be interested in it herself? Sure, I sound a bit paranoid......or do I? Well played T.J. Maxx...well played. I'm onto you! 
Conspiracy or not...I am very happy with my purchase and I love the way it looks in Maddie's room!!

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  1. Nice purchase and how sweet is that fir a little girls room :)