Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dark Room Inspiration and Prints

I have this image saved  in my inspiration folder on my computer for a while now. I love this room and hope to one day have the nerve to do a dark color like this on my walls. If I ever do, I would use this room as a guide because the lighter bedding and warm accessories really work well with the dark wall color.

 image via pinterest

Another reason I saved this image is because I love the random prints on the walls and I have been searching all over to start a collection to one day do a collage wall somewhere in my home. I have really not been having much luck finding prints that interest me. If you find yourself in a similar position, one inexpensive solution is to use vintage post cards in frames like the ones I have here.

These are from a set of vintage Italian postcards I found in my favorite antique store.

Another suggestion that my friend gave me was to use pictures from old books. She used illustrations from a book she had as a child to frame in her son's nursery and it looks great. (I really hope to have some images from his room for you soon on the blog!)

I hope you are all enjoying some spring-ish weather this weekend!!

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  1. i was waiting for a new post from you :) i really like the dark wall color.
    if you liked it for a while now, than be brave and DO IT! it will look fantastic with a bright decoration.. and i really like the old postcards, i also find it hard to find good stuff to put in frames... but i am really into quotes..
    hugs, svenja