Monday, March 5, 2012

Tick Toc

Remember in a previous post I explained how instead of being a shoe person I am a coat person? I always gravitate towards coats and I can't resist a really good one if it is a great price...EVEN if I already have enough of them...EVEN if I am more in NEED of something Well I am also that way with clocks for my house. I have plenty of clocks and there are certainly other things that I need for my house instead, but every time I am shopping and see an amazing clock I just need it!!!!! Does anyone else have this problem? Why am I like this??? I need new kitchen towels...NOT  another clock.

Here are some of my favorites around the house...

This big guy hangs in my foyer!

This little one hangs in Maddie's room. We thought the ticking might keep her up at night and she can't read a clock anyway so we set it to 9:17 which is her birthday.

I bought this clock when Shaun and I first moved into our old house and it has moved around a lot but I really like it on my fireplace mantle.

This one doesn't really have a story, I just liked it and it was only $9.00.

I fell in love with this clock at a local store and my mother gave it to me for my bridal shower.
My mother also gave me this tiny little clock for my room in college and now I can hardly keep up with where it is in my house because Maddie loves to move it around and decorate with it!

My sister gave me this one for my bridal shower and I love it!

In case you are wondering...YES...there is a lot of ticking in my house. It never bothers me, I don't even notice it. But Shaun definitely does and it may or may not be slowly driving him insane.


  1. Great finds and what fun collection of clocks!

  2. Great clock the one your mother bought you.