Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diner Obsession

Okay, get ready for a very random post...

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with diners. Is that weird? It may have started when I was a kid and we were visiting family in New Jersey, my mom would randomly decide to take us out to a diner at midnight (just being out that late as a kids was probably the coolest thing ever!) My love of diners is coupled with a serious love of breakfast foods....I guess I always associate diners with breakfast food. And in fact, my very first job was at a diner/restaurant. (I applied at SEVERAL places, but the diner was the only one who would hire me! I was upset at first but grew to love it there.)

This little beauty was one of my absolute favorites! It was located in Jim Thorpe and we would always stop there for breakfast first with my mom before we would do a little bit of shopping in town. I was devastated when they had it removed. I think it is sitting in some sort of a diner museum somewhere.

To further detail my strange obsession, I even tend to gravitate towards movies and TV shows that feature some sort of diner situation....I love the movie "Waitress" with Kerri Russell, where she plays a knocked up waitress at a pie shop/diner.
And don't even get me started on my love of  "Luke's Diner" from the show Gilmore Girls! Not only do I wish I could be a regular at this diner, but I actually wish I could live in this fictional town!

So there you have it... a random confession about me. I am fully obsessed with diners and breakfast food. I would choose great food and conversation with a friend at a diner over dinner at a fancy restaurant any day!

My mom even ran a luncheonette in the 70's(which I think is just a fancy word for a diner that only serves breakfast and lunch.)  I would love to find pictures of that place...In my mind I  always imagine her to be like the tv show Alice about the waitresses working at "Mel's diner."  I used to watch that show every day before school in 4th grade. haha
soooo cute for a photoshoot! i need to find an old diner (kind of like penny's in mo valley) around here!

Steffys Pros and Cons: diner photoshoot ❤
 These pictures I found on Pinterest are actually making me want to do a vintage inspired diner Photoshoot...hmmmmm.

Sweet vintage photoshoot from Butterfly Photography

Please tell me I am not alone in this obession....


  1. Ha ha... you are not alone! I love them too so there are at least two of us :) The photo's you've put up are so gorgeous. Diners have such a unique and comfortable feel to them (when done right). Love that fashion photo you featured. Very cool

    xx Mandi