Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kitchen Update

Well, if you thought I was indecisive about a backsplash for the kitchen you should have seen me the past week about a countertop. I really wanted something light and neutral for the counters. I didn't want anything too loud that would make a huge statement. I fell in love with marble, but decided it would be way too difficult with little ones. Then, I fell in love with quartz but it would have taken too long to get in. That left me with granite. I love granite for its durability, but most of the slabs were a bit too loud for the look I was going for. I thought I had finally made up my mind with kashmir white. Then I started looking at pictures online of kasmir white granite with white cabinets and it looked too gray and I got really nervous and freaked out. My mother suggested black and at first I was like NO WAY. Then I started seeing pictures of "honed" black granite which I thought looked really good. So, long story short...I decided on honed absolute black granite. I'm really hoping I can still acheive the "warmth" I was going for in the kitchen with a black countertop. I think the dullness of the honed granite will help. Also, on the empty wall of the kitchen where Shaun added the built in cabinets, we got a butcher block counter which I love and saved us $600 (instead of granite) and adds to the "hutch" look I was going for and I am hoping will also add some warmth! Phew...that was alot of rambling about countertops. I hope it will all make sense to you when I show you the finished product. (It is being installed on the 18th...ahhh I can't wait that long)

 (kashmir white granite with white cabinets. image via Coastal Countertops and Tile)

(honed black granite with white cabinets image via Advanced Kitchens)


  1. How fun that you are making big changes in your kitchen! I say "fun". But all those choices can be hard! I hope everything shapes up for you the way you want! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How exciting! Black granite is gorgeous and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I have marble and black granite in my kitchen and just love it. Granite is super durable and will always be a classic.