Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 When I would take walks in my old neighborhood I would see beautiful Black Eyed Susans in other people's yards and LOVED them but I knew that they needed a lot of sunlight and my old front yard did not get much sun. I knew when we moved to our new house that they would be perfect around our fence in the back so we bought a bunch of plants off of craigslist and they have been getting bigger and better every year. Imagine my disappointment when NONE of them came back this year....I have no idea what happened and I was planning on using them in centerpieces at Claudia's party!

Here they are when they were just babies...

One of my other favorites are purple coneflowers...

Am I jealous that my neighbor has beautiful purple coneflowers and the only ones I had in Maddie's garden did not return? Sure. Yup.

Any suggestions for my two favorite wildflowers???

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