Friday, June 15, 2012

Ruby and Sapphire

I have always loved jewelry...those of you who know me are well aware. I remember my very first pair of earrings (sapphire studs)...I actually vividly remember the entire experience of getting my ears pierced (including the lovely old couple watching and getting a kick out of my screaming and crying...I was not so amused.) My mother told me that I was lucky to be born in the month of April because my birthstone was diamond. At five years old I didn't quite get it and thought diamonds were boring...I wished I had something colorful like a ruby or a sapphire. (Silly five year old Jacki) As much as I love diamonds, and believe me I do...I would still love to have a really nice piece of sapphire and ruby jewelry because they are my daughters' birthstones. Probably not going to happen anytime soon but hey, a girl can dream right...

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  1. Gorgeous jewelery :)Hope you have a lovely weekend!