Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Laundry Room Wishes

Now that we have finished the kitchen, I am of course thinking about what projects I would like to do next. Although I swore to myself that we would take a break from house projects to enjoy some relaxing family time together and I would like to stick with that. (Not to mention we really don't have any budget left after the kitchen haha) So for now I will stick with a project that I know we will not be able to do even if I wanted to. The people who built our house and lived here before us decided instead of doing a laundry room downstairs that they would put the washer and dryer in a hallway closet upstairs. I hate this about our house. The laundry "closet" is also right across from the girls' bedrooms so I am always worried about running the machines during naptime  or bedtime. If I had my way I would  have an actual laundry room. And it would look exactly like this room I found on Pinterest. I love every detail of this room from the light fixture to the copper sink to the floor. And maybe I would hate doing laundry less if I had a room like this!

Love this laundry room sink area!  #laundry room #sink #copper #open shelving

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