Sunday, August 5, 2012


Maddie and I have been anxiously awaiting our sunflowers in the front yard. Finally on August 3rd one popped open! (I have no photograph because the weather has been kind of scary lately.) But I thought it was strange that it was the exact same day that 3 years ago Shaun took a picture of a very pregnant me in front of these sunflowers at a local park a month before Maddie was born.

 I was feeling a wee bit uncomfortable and cranky that day and did not exactly want my picture taken but looking back I am glad that I did. Not only because I love the sunflowers, but I just love when I can look at a picture and get transformed back to a certain time and place...when you can still feel the exact emotion you were having in the picture. I was beyond excited but also anxious, even a little bit scared. (Maybe a little bit hungry and annoyed at this specific moment haha.)It was such a special time awaiting the birth of our first daughter. I feel like I was a totally different person just three short years ago. I had no idea what I was in store for, how much having two beautiful little girls would totally change my life. I can't believe how fast the years go once you start having children. Three years ago I was standing in front of a sunflower patch with Maddie in my belly and now I stand in front of my own little sunflower patch with an almost 3-but-still-2 (Maddie is very specific about her age) year old little girl. Sorry....I didn't realize how much sunflowers could put me in a reflective mood.

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  1. Gorgeous photo...I thought I was after missing something when I logged in first!! Hope all are well:)