Friday, August 24, 2012

Topiary Collection

Remember when my wonderful husband surprised me for Mother's Day with a beautiful ivy heart topiary? What a sweetheart. I decided that I wanted to start a collection of topiary plants because I love them so much. A few months ago my amazing friend Colette (who has been off being fabulous in Europe for the past 3 years) was home for a visit and we had such a great time having lunch at our favorite cafe and browsing the shops downtown. I was delighted to find this beautiful topiary that simply had to come live at my house. It is doing really well in my kitchen. (The ivy heart topiary went through a bit of a rough patch, but is doing much better in my dining room without so much light.)

And I got the great news that Colette's job is looking to transfer her back to "the states" (as she now calls it) by May of 2013!!!!! That just made my day!!!


  1. Love your topiary! Great news that your friend will be coming back:)

  2. Such a pretty topiary! .. and glad to hear your friend is moving back :)

  3. Topiary is beautiful. I would like to have something similar in my house.
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