Friday, February 17, 2012

Backsplash Anyone? is almost time to start our mini kitchen make-over. Shaun just has a couple tiny projects he wants to complete before we get started. I am really excited. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do, but there is one thing that I simply can NOT make up my mind on. I literally have been pondering what I want to do for a backsplash for MONTHS now! For our kitchen I know I do not want any kind of extravagant or ornate kind of tiling...I want something simple and clean but still charming. You know what I mean? I can't decide whether I want to do a simple subway tile or wainscoting.


I would really really really appreciate any of your thoughts or opinions on this matter as my deadline for decision making is creeping up on me!!! Help!!!


  1. Oh wow they are both beautiful.

    I hope you get what you want.



  2. It is funny that I found your blog this morning. I am struggling with exactly the same options. I want clean and simple. I love both of those ideas. Have you ever seen wainscoting tile? My aunt and uncle have it in their bathrooms and it is beautiful. My kitchen is part of my living room which has wainscoting so I am leaning that way for a cohesive look. But then I waver and want the subway tile. Sorry, I was no help at all. But you got a new follower out of the deal. :)


  3. I love the subway tile:)

  4. I did a white marble tile to match my marble island. Both of these are beautiful and very fresh looking. You can't go wrong with white. It's classic!

  5. This is funny - I have white subway tile which I love and my daughter has white beadboard which she loves. They are both great looks and I don't think you will be disappointed with either!

  6. I would go for the tile. It's looks smarter, younger and happening. Plus, it's tile!

  7. hey you :) i think both of them would look great and you will forget about the other option and you will be happy with your decision. i personally would go with the subway tile.
    have a nice day, svenja