Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Girl Gift

Shaun and I were supposed to visit an old friend this weekend, but Maddie got really sick so we are going next weekend. I am very excited because our friend and his wife are having a little baby girl this April! She is actually due right around my birthday. I wanted to get their little girl a little gift and I was so excited to get to use the beautiful gift tags my mom got me as a Valentine's gift.

Does anyone else get more excited for the packaging than the actual gift!?

Although I must admit that what's inside this particular gift is super Gap was having sales this weekend and they have some amazing baby girl clothes! Of course I had to get a little something for Miss Claudia, I couldn't resist this bathing suit and sweater because they were so cheap with the sales!!
Seriously how cute is this bathing suit!!!!!!!!!

I only wish i could've found a matching one in Maddie's size!


  1. this gift is so cool, baby gap is amazing :) you are a really good friend :))
    and yes is know the feeling of being more thrilled with packaging the gift than by the actual gift :D haha girls are weird!!
    love, svenja

  2. adorable! the gift tag is perfect :) nothing like shopping for a little girl.. enjoy!