Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Our shed arrived a few months ago and as I had mentioned in a previous post we want to make the front half of it a play house for the girls. Shaun is VERY excited about this project and there is even talks about running cable out there. I know. So here she is.....a warning: the ugly window above the door was an error the shed company made and we will be removing it and replacing it with some prettier ones.

Isn't the little door so cute! Maddie already loves going in there even though there's nothing inside. Now if we can only make it look more like this...


  1. It will be fab! The girls will love playing out there:)

  2. How beautiful - I am sure that it will be amazing!

  3. What a wonderful idea and dreamy play house for your girls!

  4. Every little girl should have a playhouse...what fun they will have. We used to put a wreath on the door and Christmas lights...sadly our shed only had garden stuff...and mice.

  5. Lovely blog Jacqueline.

    I am following you now.

    Have a good week


  6. What a pretty playhouse - I would have such fun decorating the interior! It will be such a lovely place to play.