Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Matt's Quinoa Corn Stirfry/Salad

Because I love all of you and care about your health, I have asked my brother Matt to share some of his delicious yet healthy recipes with us on my blog every once in a while. Remember his amazing protein pancakes?! yum Well you can enjoy them for breakfast and then move on to his delectable Quinoa Salad for lunch. (I'm curious to see what he will come up with for a dinner entree AND I happen to know that he is working diligently on a healthy cookie for us to enjoy for dessert!)

Quinoa Corn Stirfry/Salad

Quinoa (1 cup)
Corn (1 can or equivalent fresh)
kidney beans (1 can or equivalent fresh)
1-2 cups of fresh cilantro
1 whole tomato diced
spices (salt or pepper to taste)

- cook quinoa separate
- stirfry the remaining ingredients, and drain excess water before combining with quinoa (unless you want to eat it as soup, which is another option, in which case add about 1 cup of water to vegetables in stirfry)
- combine quinoa and stirfry together in mixing bowl
- You can eat this warm right away, or chill it and make a tasty, filling cold salad out of it for the next day.
- depending on your taste, a little bit of hot sauce or cayenne pepper seasoning is a great addition to it


Thanks Matt!!!!!!

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