Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby's Breath

I've never really liked baby's breath in floral arrangements. I actually despised it. I've always thought of it as a tacky filler flower and as a good way to cheapen a beautiful bouquet of roses. But I never really thought of baby's breath on it's own. Then I saw these images on pinterest and I realized that baby's breath does not need to be a filler flower...and that it is absolutely stunning all by itself. Who Knew?!
Look at these gorgeous centerpieces!

And look at how stunning they are as a bridal bouquet.

So simple and elegant. 

I am officially admitting that I was way wrong about baby's much more than just a filler flower. Well played baby's breath...well played.

So to make amends I bought some to use in various vases in my kitchen.

I am also thinking of ways I can use baby's breath in Maddie's room make over (which I am almost ready to begin working on.)


  1. I've never been a fan of baby's breath either, but I've changed my mind after seeing that bridal bouquet. It's gorgeous! One thing it has in common with the bouquets in the need a LOT of it to make an impact. I may try some around my house, too.

  2. I love baby's reminds me of home, where we would use to decorate the saints in the month of December. I also love them on their own, and the scent, least to me. I'm your newest follower!