Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lemon Cake and Vintage Luggage

My parents came over tonight and my mom made this adorable lemon cake!

I love cool whip as an alternative to icing (makes me feel less guilty for having a second piece!)

Also, she used a jello sugar free lemon pudding as a filling which was pretty couldn't even tell it was sugar free. I guess I should have had a third piece!

I bought this vintage piece of luggage a couple months ago and have not yet found the right use for it in my house, but I like to use it as a prop in photographs.


  1. The cake looks delish and I am dying over your vintage suitcase!!!

  2. mmm...lemon cake...looks adorable! Too pretty to eat?

  3. Unfortunately, Annie it tasted even better than it looked! haha at least I will always have the picture...