Saturday, October 29, 2011

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with our new house. One of the "hate" factors is the way the downstairs is arranged. It is very open concept with a lot of awkward space. It has a very small family room and a very large kitchen. But, the kitchen does not have a lot of 'usable' space. Even though the kitchen is pretty big, I find myself with a lack of space when it comes to entertaining guests. Where do I set out all of the food and drinks? Not a lot of counter space? Where the heck do I seat everyone? We have an eat in kitchen, but it is only set up for a small round table. And our dining room is on the small side as well. After our kitchen make-over that I keep babbling about ( I swear it is going to happen) I was hoping to rearrange the chandelier in the kitchen so that we can have a long rectangular kitchen table which would allow for more seating and serving space. Also, the kitchen table is where Maddie and I end up doing all of her fun arts and crafts so it would be nice to have a bigger spot to do that as well. Here are some tables that I would love. Probably not going to be buying the pottery barn ones on our budget though...

Perhaps I could find something on craigslist and refinish it. Orrrrr...maybe I could get Shaun to build me one! 

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