Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Fall Craft for Kids

 One day last week ( I can't remember which one because to be honest with you lately I don't ever know the date, time or even what year it is!) it was a beautiful sunny, cool brisk fall day. Have I mentioned how much I look forward to this time of year?  When Claudia was napping I decided to take advantage of this weather and I took Maddie on an adventure in our yard to collect some of the fallen leaves and flowers to put inside her pumpkin basket. She had so much fun just being out in the fresh air. (It has been a very boring, rainy few months.) She loves to help me water my mums and of course I had to snap some pictures of her looking fabulous in her red pea coat. I am obsessed with coats and I hope to pass that on to my daughters. More on that another time...

 When we were finished with our outdoor fun I brought her inside to use her leaves for a simple craft. A few months ago I purchased a pack of these little white cardboard frames for a huge discount at Micheal's. Maddie helped me choose which leaves and flowers she wanted on each frame and she helped me glue and tape them on. These were some of my favorites...

I am going to use them as party favors for my friends and family when they come over to see Maddie and Claudia dressed up for trick-or-treat this weekend. I can't wait to see the girls dressed up as candy corn witches!

I hope you are all enjoying these last beautiful days of fall before the horrible winter weather sets in. (Although I am secretly already getting way excited for I can't believe I said that out loud)

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