Saturday, October 15, 2011

It feels better to give than to recieve?

Because I am a stay-at-home mom and am not used to leaving the girls very often I have major separation anxiety. Not that I don't have an amazing husband who can easily take care of the them when I'm not around. Not that they probably don't miss me at all anyway! It is my own ridiculous issue and I am working on it. Does anyone else have this problem?  That being said, there are very few things that can get me out of the house on a Saturday morning away from my awesome kids and husband. Although it is still a secret from the rest of the world what I did this morning... I'm figuring that there is probably no one reading this anyway so I can tell "you." I went to the diamond exchange with my brother to help him pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend! Aaahhh nothing quite like spending the morning playing with was amazing and once he pops the question I will be posting pictures of the lovely couple and her BEAutiful ring (yes, perhaps I am a little bit biased because I helped design it whatever) . Not sure when that will be because he still has to figure out how he is going to propose. Then to top it all of, on the way home we passed a yard sale that just happened to have something that I have been searching for FOREVER. I have been looking for a light wood chest to make into a coffee table. Just this past week I found out my mother has been looking for the same thing for her house. Well imagine my surprise when I saw this while passing the yard sale...

Although I would love to use this one, my family room is RIDICULOUSLY small and really a disgrace to family rooms everywhere if I'm being honest. So I was thinking wouldn't this be the perfect gift for my mother for Christmas? Especially seeing as how I am her secret santa and the price range just happens to be exactly what I purchased the chest for...$50. There is nothing I love more than finally finding the item you've been looking for and at a great price. But! I think I'm going to enjoy the look on my mother's face when I give this to her for Christmas even more than if I kept it for myself. She is always so difficult to buy for and I'm am so excited because I know she will love this! Now my only challenge is keeping it a secret from her until Christmas...wish me luck!

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