Friday, November 4, 2011

Claudia's Room

I thought I would share a few photos of Claudia's room with you. I was really not feeling well during this pregnancy so it was not easy for me to get around to shop, so I tried to use a lot of what I already had at home. The crib set was really cheap at T.J. Maxx ( I loved it so much that I bought it before I even knew we were having a girl...but secretly I knew.) The rest of the decorations were either really cheap or home made.

I like using pretty cards from my baby shower as decoration...

Two of my favorite outfits for her....
Her can't tell from the picture but the letters are sparkly silver.
The dresser was out for someone's trash and re-painted. At first we painted it white and used it in Maddie's room and for Claudia I did it in a very pale pink and replaced the knobs with these I found at my favorite antique store.

And I printed one of my favorite Winne the Pooh poems on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and used a frame I already had.

My husband did the chair rail and I love the way it looks. When we moved it this room was two scary shades of purple! This room may not be exactly the way I wanted but I think we did well with limited money and my lack of ability to get out shopping at the time.
And now the best beautiful, sweet baby Claudia!!

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