Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather

Today we celebrate the birth of one of the most beautiful people I know. I have many pictures of my sister Heather, but I feel this one represents who she is.
Not only is she always the most beautiful person in any room she enters, but she has the kindest heart of anyone you'll meet. And chances are you WILL meet her! She is one of those people who makes a new friend anywhere she goes...literally. We were just out for dinner and drinks to celebrate her big day, and at both restaurants she came back from the restroom with new acquaintances! I don't know about you, but my goal in a public restroom is to get my business done and leave having touched the least amount of surfaces possible ( I have become a major germ-a-fob since having children.) And this girl is making friends in the bathroom! She can't help it...I'm pretty sure she gets this gift from my mom, she is pretty much the same way. I'm sure if you see her she will be wearing her beautiful smile...LIGHTING up the room. Even on a bad day, Heather is rarely seen without a smile. Oh yea, and she is one of those annoying people who has NO idea how AMAZING and GORGEOUS she is (another trait she must have learned from our mother.) Even as a child, Heather has always loved to get gifts (I think mostly because she loves the unwrapping process.) I can remember little Heather at Christmas time asking my grandparents if SHE could unwrap the gifts we gave them! haha But nothing makes Heather more excited than to give to others. She never pays a visit to my house without bringing something for me or my girls. On her birthday I left with a bag full of goodies for myself and my daughter, including a beautiful infinity scarf (something I had recently mentioned to her that I love.) Now that I'm thinking about it...she probably gets this from mom too! Geez Heather I never realized how much you are your mothers daughter...definitely a good thing.  My sister is a truly genuine, smart, beautiful, classy gal. And anyone would be honored to know her.

This is a picture that I love...Heather finally getting the coveted 'afternoon snuggle' with my daughter Maddie.

So Happy ??th Birthday (who's counting anyway) Heather! Thank you for being my wonderful sister.

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