Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last fall day?

When I looked out at my backyard first thing this morning I came to the realization that fall is really on it's way out. As some of you know,I have been really struggling with this season this year! As much as I look forward to fall and Halloween, I am usually so ready to start getting into the Christmas festivities by now! I believe this time last year I was fully decorated for Christmas already! This year has felt off to me and I feel like I am in holiday purgatory! I'm not feeling Halloween but I am not yet fully ready for Christmas...and you all know how I feel about Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure most people do not put this much thought into these things. But when I looked out and saw the gray sky and bare trees I realized that it is really time. I decided to leave it up to nature this year to settle my inner struggle with this season and so it is official... I will start decorating for Christmas when the very last leaf on Claudia's tree drops!

Almost all of the trees in my yard are bare and the ground is covered in leaves. When this last stubborn leaf joins the rest of them I will be fully ready to embrace the Christmas spirit. Who knows when that will be...could be tomorrow...could be next week. But when it happens I will be ready for it.  (I did sneak a visit to my FAVORITE antique store which is where I generally get all of my Christmas inspiration and have come up with some ideas for this season...more on that later.)

But for now I will just enjoy this dreary fall afternoon with a dreary fall afternoon must have....the perfect cappuccino.

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