Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple Shish-ka-Bobs

If I am being honest...there are not a lot of things I am good at cooking. My mom has always been an awesome cook and baker, unfortunately I did not spend enough time helping out in the kitchen growing up (something I definitely regret.) When I moved in with my husband the one thing that I knew I had to learn was my mother's spaghetti sauce. Although I closely followed her recipe my sauce tastes nothing like hers! How could that be? It turns out I have grown to really love my sauce...and so do some other people (luckily my husband is a fan..phew.) There are also some people who do not like it at all, namely my parents. Oh well, at least they're honest. For those of us who enjoy it, I am always searching for different ways to use my sauce other than the usual spaghetti, ravioli, stuffed shells, lasagna....etc. I found a recipe for shish-ka-bobs in Better Homes and Gardens that looked fairly simple....simple enough even for an amateur like myself. I tweeked it a little bit and used my meat sauce instead of  they're version which used a paste and some Italian seasonings. I simply used a frozen pack of Italian meatballs and warmed them up in a pot of my sauce. Then I  put the meatballs on the skewers, alternating them with cherry tomatoes and chopped zucchini. It was raining so we couldn't use the grill which would have been better, but instead I baked them in the oven and brushed some of my sauce over top of the shish-ka-bobs for the last five minutes they were cooking. So easy, right?!

And they look pretty too!

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