Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am ready to embrace the Christmas Spirit.

Blame it on the radio stations already playing Christmas music...blame it on my visit with the girls to my mom's house (which is already decorated for Christmas)...blame it on the fact that the last leaf on Claudia's tree is long gone...but it has actually happened. I am ready and excited to embrace the Christmas season. I am no longer in holiday purgatory. It has been a busy weekend so I haven't decorated yet, but I have been brainstorming and working on some small projects. Last April for my birthday, my brother got me this decorating book that I just never get sick of looking through. I felt kind of guilty looking through it in April so I tucked it away for a while. Now it is out and I find myself paging through it several times a day.

Matt figured it would be a good read but it would also make a pretty smart! I am getting lots of good tips and inspiration from this book, more of which I will share in another (several) post.

Happy Decorating!

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