Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I have a tree in a bucket!!!

Shaun went to Lowe's the other day and purchased a bucket that fit the bottom of our tree PERFECTLY! I'm telling you it was a magical moment for me, as I've said I have been waiting for this bucket for years! Aaand I love it. We have our tree in the dining room this year instead of the kitchen and I am very happy with it. We moved the bigger table into the kitchen and I love it there. Now I just have to find a bigger table for the dining room once the holidays are over.

Coincidentally, Heather brought me a bucket the same day! For years I had no bucket and then in one day I had two! Instead we are going to try to make Heather a tree for her place in the bucket she brought me. As if it weren't sweet enough that Shaun found me a bucket.... but guess what came as a surprise in the mail for me today? The Country Living Christmas issue!!! Shaun was not expecting my reaction, he thought I was joking. What a sweetheart....major brownie points Shaun!

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