Friday, December 16, 2011

6th Annual Sibling Dinner

Six years ago my brother, sister and I decided that instead of exchanging presents at Christmas we would get dressed up and go out to a nice restaurant, just the three of us. Every year we pick a different restaurant and the first order of business at dinner is trying to remember  all of the restaurants we have gone to over the years. Shouldn't be that difficult considering we haven't been doing this very long but this year we decided to write out the list ahead of time so we could skip straight to the good conversation. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE this tradition. I love knowing that however busy our lives get, we carve out this time every year to reminisce about old times and even learn new things about each other (this year we learned about each other's pet peeves.) Matt hates people who overreact, Heather hates when people tuck in shirts that aren't meant to be tucked in and I hate when people use the phrase "six to one-half dozen the other." (Not sure why that phrase bothers just does. My husband knows this and ALWAYS uses it just to annoy me!)   I feel so blessed to have Matt and Heather as my siblings. I always like to look back at our past Christmas dinners and remember what was happening for all of us at that point in our lives. We've been through colleges, career changes, new houses, engagements, weddings and babies. If you are fortunate enough to be able to start this tradition with your siblings I highly recommend it. But don't be like us and forget your camera almost every year!!!!  

Happy Holidays!

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