Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Scents

Even though we have an artificial tree, I still think it is important to have a house that smells like the real deal. I usually like to use sprays, candles, air fresheners and whatever else I can get my hands on to fake the scent of a real Christmas tree. My mom and I are always on the hunt for which candles really do the trick. This is a spray that we both use from The Mountain House Country Store in Saylorsburg ( my favorite red barn) that works really well. 

The only problem this year is that "Christmas tree scent" reminds me too much of this time last year when I was heavy into the "morning-noon-and-night sickness" of my pregnancy with Claudia. Every time I even get a wiff of this I am immediately transported back to that time. But I found a solution for this time of year. I got this peppermint oil that is a perfect alternative and still reminds me of Christmas. It was $8 for a really small bottle, but luckily you only need a couple drops in a ceramic candle diffuser. It is also great in a bath or for a massage. 

And the best doesn't make me sick!!!

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