Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies

The other day I asked my mom for a SMALL sample tray of her Christmas cookies to share with you all. This is what I had in mind...(everyone who knows my mom knows why that would be a ridiculous request)

...what I actually received was a tray large enough to feed a small village of people. I would have taken a picture of that tray but sadly it is not quite as large anymore haha! 

My mom used to order an entire case of these Italian rainbow cookies from a bakery in their hometown in NJ around Christmas. My father and I used to fight over them everyday until they were completely gone. They are my FAVORITE. My Aunt Chery brought them to me in the hospital for the birth of both of my daughters. (Let's just say none of them lasted long enough to make the trip home from the hospital haha) Then one day my mom just figured she would experiment with making her own and they are amazing!

These are my great grandmother's butter cookies. When my brother Matt and I were still living at home with my parents we used to sneak these from all of the trays that were already made up for friends and neighbors. Finally my mom caught on and knew to make extras of these for us. My mom also dips some of them in melted chocolate instead of sprinkles....and guess what I ate them all before I could photograph them. And no, I am not ashamed to admit it!!!! Christmas comes but once a year!

And these bad boys... I can't even finish one of them-that's how rich they are!

Merry Christmas! Wish I could share with you all.


  1. Those look totally yummy! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!!

  2. Delicious! Have a lovely Christmas!