Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas fireplace!

Not only did I finally get my tree in a bucket this Christmas...which I would have been perfectly beyond happy with, but now I have a fireplace!!! This is too good to be true. I have always felt like a beautifully decorated fireplace, or at least a mantle is just as important as a Christmas tree. Neither of our houses came with a fireplace and it just feels like something is missing...especially at Christmas time. In our last house we put  up a mantle that we found on craigslist for $30!! What a steal...I'm sure I will never find a deal like that again (believe me, I've tried.) We painted it white and put it in our family room, but it is way too big for our current family room, so we put it in our bedroom. For our teeny tiny family room, we wanted to get a small gas fireplace so that when the snowstorms commence this year we can have an alternate heat source if we lose power. We found this adorable, small fireplace at Lowe's and she is now residing in our family room. We don't have it hooked up yet and I need to get some lights on the garland, but even so I am in fireplace heaven! Eventually, we are getting the floors redone and I plan on painting the walls a different color, at which time I will probably sand the mantle and paint it a creamy white color and do some light distressing. But for now this is what we have....

....isn't she adorable? I still have some tweaking to do and will probably post more pictures later.

Also, here is a picture of my simple kitchen table holiday centerpiece. I like using natural elements in my Christmas decor.

Just some dried up oranges, cinnamon sticks and a Christmas ornament simple and inexpensive...and smells yummy!

Another inexpensive Christmas idea: you can pick one of your favorite Christmas cards and display it in a pretty frame.

Happy Decorating!

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