Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chandelier Make-Over

I hope everyone's Christmas was amazing! I will hopefully have time to edit some more pictures of the girls for you all soon. Usually by this time after Christmas I am well into my seasonal depression....having to take down all of the pretty decorations. But this year I am looking forward to getting started on  a bunch of projects around the house. Hopefully, the kitchen will be first. For now I am going to enjoy a few more days of Christmas lights and yes, Maddie and I are still watching Christmas movies!

Here is a quick old project I can share with you...
When we moved into our house two years ago I decided to replace the existing light fixture with one we kept from our old house. I then did a little make-over on the old dining room light to use in our kitchen. Here is a really bad picture of it before. 

I then scratched it up with some sand paper and sprayed it with Rustoleum spray paint. The color is called heirloom white and the sheen is satin. I purchased the small lamp shades from Lowes and viola!


  1. Love your makeover! I hate taking down the decorations too, but have loads of projects I need to do which will keep me going for ages:)

  2. Oh it's so pretty! It's similar to mine, I have shades on mine, but have crystals, don't be afraid to add them ;)
    I always look for crystals at flea markets and even Ross and Marshall's often carry them, you did a wonderful job! Beautiful blog too, I'm joining so I won't miss a thing:)